st tydfil's old parish church

St Tydfil's Old Parish Church

The church, built in 1894, stands where St Tydfil was martyred for her Christian belief. It is thought that some form of church has been here for nearly 1500 years. The church is at the bottom end of High Street in Merthyr Tydfil and is used for a variety of Christian Services.


Service Times at St Tydfil's Old Parish Church

  • Saturday 6.00 pm - Holy Eucharist
  • Last Sunday of the month 6pm Evening Service
  • Holy Days as announced 

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St Tydfil's Old Parish Church, Lower High Street, Merthyr Tydfil CF47 8HR

Telephone 01685 553529


St Tydfil’s, the Old Parish Church of Merthyr Tydfil, stands at the lower end of the High Street. It was built to keep sacred the spot where Tydfil was martyred because of her Christian beliefs. It is thought that some form of church has stood on this spot for nearly 1500 years. The present church was not built until 1894, when the previous church, built in 1808 was replaced. It was designed by J L Pearson, who also designed Truro Cathedral.

The church was closed for worship in 1968 when St. David’s Church, situated in the centre of the town became the new Parish Church of Merthyr Tydfil. St Tydfil's was used as a Chapel of Rest and for special services for many years before being formally re-opened in August 2014. It is now licensed for weddings.

After the church was closed for worship in 1968 a group of people got together. Their aim was to get grants and raise money to ensure the church building would have a future. A new use for the church was found. It was decided to make it available for the people of the town to use as a Chapel of Rest and for funeral services. The Chapel of Rest area is the Lady Chapel and it is curtained off when in use. The money received from these services helped to keep the church in good repair. Their faithfulness was rewarded when the church re-opened.

Many types of services are held in the re-opened building. These include special services for Lent, such as The Stations of the Cross. The main service is Holy Eucharist at 6pm on Saturday evening and there is a also a service on the last Sunday in each month, which is different each time. It may be a formal 1662 Evensong, Taize, a very informal Parish Praise or one of many other services that the ministry team create. Please see the parish calendar for details. Occasionally the services are swapped with another church, so are not always on the last Sunday in the month.

One of the most popular services is the " Animal Service". In this service people are invited to bring their animals to be blessed. This is a wonderful occasion when the church is full of people and animals of all types, goats, horses, snakes as well as many dogs and cats.

Local schools are also encouraged to use the church for assemblies and other special occasions such as Carol Services.