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The Parish of Merthyr Tydfil St David and Abercanaid is an Anglican Christian Church within The Church in Wales. The Parish has four churches, St David's, St Tydfil's Well, Ss Peter & Paul and St Tydfil's Old Parish Church, with a team of dedicated ordained and lay people who work to serve the Mission in this place. You can find out more in our 2018-2019 Annual Report.

Priest-in-charge Fr Mark Prevett


Priest-in-charge Fr Mark has been in Ministry since 1988. He moved to Merthyr in 2013 and is responsible for the services and day-to-day running of the Parish. Fr Mark likes cars and bikes.

Tel: 01685 553529

E: prevtherev@sky.com 

Associate Priest Fr John Hughes

Fr John Hughes

After retiring from a long and distinguished ministry, Fr John Hughes missed parish life and felt called to join us as an Associate Priest. We are delighted to have his wisdom and experience.  

Tel: 01685 555374

E: fr.johnhughesssc@hotmail.co.uk

Deacon Charlotte Rushton

charlotte rushton

Curate Charlotte Rushton was ordained Priest in June 2018 and is thrilled to carry out her mission to bring the story of Jesus to young people. 

Tel: 01685 385884

E: rev.rushton@gmail.com

Reader Ken Lewis

ken lewis

Reader Ken Lewis preaches and leads services. He is also a musician and songwriter and is the editor of the Parish magazine Highway.

E: kenlewis.merthyrtydfil.church@gmail.com

Bill Evans, Churchwarden

BILL evans

Churchwarden to Priest-in-Charge Fr Mark, Bill Evans oversees the smooth running of the committees across the parish.

Tel: 01685 376365

Email: wtevans1945@gmail.com

Sue Morris, Churchwarden

Sue Morris

Churchwarden to the Parish congregation, Sue Morris attends the Quar and is an active member of the parish social and fund raising committee.

Tel: 01685 377682

St David's sub-wardens Ian Hopkins and Dorothy Evans


Dorothy Evans and Jan Lewis are the sub-wardens at St David's parish church.

E: janlewismt@gmail.com

E: dorothy137@btinternet.com

Sue Morris & Jeff Davies

Sue Morris and Jeff Davies are the sub-wardens at St Tydfil's Well, Quar.

Tel: 01685 377682

01685 382017 

St Tydfil's old parish church sub-wardens Elaine Fisher and Bill Evans
Director of Music Dr Chris Wilkinson


Dr Chris is the Director of Music and choir master at St David's Parish Church and welcomes new choristers.

E: dr.chriswilkinson@hotmail.co.uk

Elaine Fisher & Bill Evans

Elaine Fisher & Bill Evans are the sub-wardens at St Tydfil's old parish church.

Tel: 07762 302080 / 01685 376365

Verger Liz Lewis
Mothers' Union

Mothers' union

Mothers' Union is an international Christian charity whose Patron is Her Majesty the Queen. Meetings take place at St David's, see schedule here.

E: help@parishofmerthyrtydfil.com

Liz Lewis

Verger Liz handles St Tydfil's concert and activity bookings as well as queries on parish records dating back to 1741. 

E: liz.lewis.merthyr@gmail.com

Children at Junior Church

Junior Church

Junior Church takes place at St Tydfil's Well, Quar during Holy Eucharist which starts at 11am each Sunday. Messy Church takes place regularly at St Tydfil's.

E: help@parishofmerthyrtydfil.com