Who said never work with children and animals?!

They say that you should never work with children or animals. I’ve just found out why - ‘cause if you do you have the best fun ever!!!

We have just had a weekend playing, worshipping and praying with children and animals and it has been an incredibly uplifting experience. St Tydfil’s has been full of many different sounds from singing and cheering, to food and drink being consumed, to a barked greeting and the silence of an ever watchful bearded dragon. It has been ALIVE and it has left those who participated feeling alive and thankful for all of God’s creation and His gifts to each and every one of us.

Special thanks to Rev Charlotte and her team who worked so hard to make this all come together, to Hayden at Nanty-y-Coed Farm and Alan from Owls 4 You for providing the icing on the cake.

See our Facebook page for lots more photos.