Nativity to New Year

A happy and blessed 2017 to you all.

On Christmas Day we celebrated the birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ. God fulfilling the promise He had made down through the centuries that He would become one of us. The event changed the world forever. So Jesus is definitely the reason for the season but just like a puppy, Jesus is not just for Christmas. He is for every day. Friday will see the commemoration of the visit of the Wise Men from the East, Epiphany. They had heard His message and they saw His star; they found Him in Bethlehem and they opened their treasures and paid homage to Him. (Matthew 2.1-18)

In the coming months and throughout this year, how can we do our part to let God’s message through Christ be heard anew in our noisy world, how can we let His light shine onto the darkness that surrounds us?