Do we have the courage?



Last Sunday (5th May) was the third Sunday of Easter and in church we heard the stories of the disciples, in various ways, meeting with the resurrected Jesus. I am hugely heartened by the fact that they hadn’t understood the message of the Kingdom of God even though they had walked side by side with Jesus for three years. In John 21.3, even having met with the risen Lord, Peter says ‘I’m going fishing.’ And the others agree to join him. In other words – ‘great while it lasted now back to the day job.’  

Of course, it was going fishing that set Peter up for the encounter which changed his life forever. I suspect he had a great weight of guilt following his foretold triple denial of Jesus and couldn’t conceive of a God who would forgive. Now he meets Jesus face to face, the guilt is washed away by the Blood of the Lamb, the weight of the sin is removed, the relationship is renewed.  

Through Good Friday and Easter Day our risen Lord wants to do the same work with each and every one of us. He wants to forgive us, we only need ask, He wants to have a renewed relationship with us, we only have to turn to Him and He wants us, with Him, to change our lives forever. Do we, like Peter, have the courage?