Jesus is our Superhero!

We had a fantastic time at Caper Creations Messy Church at St Tydfil's old parish church last Saturday 8th July. One of the highlights was a lively rendition of 'Jesus is our Superhero' complete with actions and dance moves! It's such a catchy tune, you can enjoy it here on Youtube. We also heard the story of the Creation and did lots of activities including making (and eating!) food, planting sunflowers, colouring, face painting and mask making - phew! Things were so fast moving that our trusty photographer and her camera couldn't keep up so the photos are a bit blurrier than usual, oops. 

Thank you to everyone who took part and made it such a special occasion, and especially to our lovely ladies who work so hard to make things happen! Our next Messy Church - 'Messy Harvest' - is on Saturday 23rd September from 2 to 4pm and everyone is welcome to join us. See you there!