Bishop June asks ‘Quo Vadis?’ - ‘Where are ‘we’ going?’


‘Quo Vadis?’ Peter asks Jesus on the road as he flees Rome. ‘Where are you going?’ ‘I am going to Rome to be crucified again’ replies Jesus. And from that encounter Peter gains the courage to continue his ministry and returns to Rome.

‘Quo Vadis?’ is the question that Bishop June asked of us at the joyful rededication service at Ss Peter and Paul’s church in Abercanaid on July 11th 2018. We can certainly do no better than Peter following his encounter with Christ on the road from Rome. We can have the courage to continue our ministry to this area. The building itself is ‘fit for purpose’. Pretty well any purpose we choose for it. It is each one of us that must receive a fillip from the achievement of a long-held vision that gives us a multipurpose premises for the 21st Century. God can use this building, through us, to grow His Kingdom in the community.


Our Open Day on 22nd September gives us an opportunity to show off and to share our vison for the future. This is a vision that can be seen in the practical, as in the car park we will have, but also in the development of the spiritual, with the building being used for groups that come to meet and then to pray. For me there is this lovely image of the worship space, the God space, being right alongside any and every activity in the community space.

This then, perhaps, answers the question that Bishop June asked of us. ‘Quo Vadis?’ - ‘Where are ‘we’ going?’ Walking, with courage, alongside our God in all he is doing in this place.