A Wonderful and Blessed Ordination Day!

Bishop June, Ordinants and Clergy at Llandaff Cathedral 

Saturday 30th June 2018 was a very special day for the three new deacons and five new priests who were ordained by Bishop June at Llandaff Cathedral. Our very own Charlotte Rushton was amongst them and here she tells us about her day in her own words.


“Following three peaceful days on retreat at Llangasty, the morning of Saturday 30th June had arrived. I woke at dawn - because who would want to sleep on such an exciting day - before departing Llangasty for a McDonald’s breakfast! After filling our tummies, we headed to Llandaff and to the Bishop's palace. Bishop June greeted us with coffee and flapjacks, and we had some quiet time with our families before the legal requirements were met. Everyone’s family went to the cathedral while we took our Canonical Oath of Obedience to the Bishop and received our licence to officiate.

As the service started, I remember looking into the cathedral from the steps and feeling in awe of both the beauty of the place and the gravity of what was about to happen. As I took the long walk down the aisle to the nave, all I remember is seeing the smiling faces of the people of this parish, my family and friends. The ordination service was beautiful and emotional. I came away feeling blessed by God and given a clear ministry to fulfil by the Bishop.


The evening saw the joyous celebration of my first Eucharist at St Tydfil’s Church. I honoured the Anglo Catholic tradition of this parish, while Fr Mark led us in some Evangelical worship! It was perfect. I feel blessed that the whole parish came to show their support and celebrate with me. Thank you to my friends Edward LeBrun Powell and Ian Hodges for assisting in the celebration and to the Rev Christopher Burr for his fun and challenging sermon and the kind words about me.

The day of my ordination to the priesthood was a very special day; one that will live in my memory for the rest of my life. Thank you everyone who played their part in preparing me for that moment, and for all the hard work the parish put in to make it such a special day. God bless you all in abundance.”

And God bless you too Charlotte, we are so pleased, proud and fortunate to have you in our parish.

Many thanks to MLA Photography and Mike Komor for the lovely photographs.