What does Lent look like?

Here is a beautiful image showing the many elements of Lent - a time for preparation, hence being in purple in the church; p for preparation.

So, prepare for God to come into your life this Lent with a) bible study, b) meditation, c) prayer and d) fasting. These four disciplines will refresh and renew you and make you ready to greet the Risen Lord at Easter.

Everyone is welcome to the following Bible study opportunities in Lent:

  • St David’s Church 11.30am-12.30pm on Wednesday 22nd and 29th March, and 5th and 12th April
  • Thursday evenings at 7pm at Salvation Army (leaflets in church)

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Congratulations to our Lay Pastoral Visitors

It was an absolute delight to welcome the Diocesan Director of Ministry and Discipleship and CMD Officer, The Revd Canon Richard Lowndes to the parish on Sunday evening to commission the Lay Pastoral Visitors. The service was a celebration of ministry and mission in this place and marked a new chapter in the life of the parish. Thank you for the 12 who were commissioned and for your future ministry. Fr Mark

Nativity to New Year

A happy and blessed 2017 to you all.

On Christmas Day we celebrated the birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ. God fulfilling the promise He had made down through the centuries that He would become one of us. The event changed the world forever. So Jesus is definitely the reason for the season but just like a puppy, Jesus is not just for Christmas. He is for every day. Friday will see the commemoration of the visit of the Wise Men from the East, Epiphany. They had heard His message and they saw His star; they found Him in Bethlehem and they opened their treasures and paid homage to Him. (Matthew 2.1-18)

In the coming months and throughout this year, how can we do our part to let God’s message through Christ be heard anew in our noisy world, how can we let His light shine onto the darkness that surrounds us?

Reflections on Remembrance

 ‘… They will be remembered forever.’ Psalm 112.6

‘Do this in remembrance of me’. Matthew 22.19

A quote from the Psalmist and from the very mouth of Jesus himself recorded in Matthew’s gospel. Remembrance! Perhaps one of the main reasons for the continued existence of the church in today’s society; to remember. To remember the story of humanity in relationship with God, to remember significant events that remind us where we have journeyed ourselves, as a community or as a nation. All of these have been encapsulated in recent memorials in our church and community. Let’s recall in words and pictures those events.

A packed St David's Church for the Aberfan Memorial Service

A packed St David's Church for the Aberfan Memorial Service

October 21st was the 50th Anniversary of the Aberfan Disaster and we came together with the people of Aberfan to remember the horror of the events that took place on the 21st October 1966 at 9.15 in the morning. Concerts and services were held, trees were planted and HRH The Prince of Wales visited Aberfan and spoke to the people there. A sad and traumatic time as we gathered to remember, in particular, the children who lost their lives but not forgetting those adults who died in the same tragedy.

All Souls candles at St Tydfil's Old Parish Church

All Souls candles at St Tydfil's Old Parish Church

November 2nd is the day known as All Souls day. In the morning there was a requiem mass said by Fr. John in St. David’s and in the evening there was a personal service of remembrance as people gathered at St. Tydfil’s to remember their own departed loved ones. Many who attended the service were invited because they had lost someone during the last 12 months and it had been the privilege of the clergy of the parish to conduct the funeral service for the person they came to remember. Many also came to light candles for those they had lost in years gone by. At most church services our departed loved ones are remembered but this is a special commemoration.

Lost and Loved Babies

Lost and Loved Babies

November 7th saw the Lost and Loved Babies service which is organized by the midwives at Prince Charles Hospital and conducted at St. David’s. We invest so much of our own future in our children that when they are taken from us so young it is very difficult to come to terms with. This service allows us to remember that hope and through the service to speak to God about our loss. People are able to write messages and poems to express their thoughts or to address their lost children. These messages are then read out in the service. Candles are lit as a sign of hope.

Standards lowered at St David's on Remembrance Sunday

Standards lowered at St David's on Remembrance Sunday

November 11th is Remembrance Day. Many from and across our communities come together on Remembrance Sunday to give thanks for those who gave, or were willing to give their lives that we may live in peace and freedom today. It is hoped that by remembering what we did and what they did we may not make that same journey again. That each day we might appreciate our freedoms and protect them. We need to respect all of humanity, equally, and hold life itself as the most precious of our possessions. Our governments are charged with keeping the peace and governing for the safety and welfare of all people. At times this will make them unpopular but that is the price of taking on the responsibility of governing.

Those who gave their lives believed that in so doing they would hand over a better world to future generations; today we need to honour the debt they paid and honour those we have remembered in whatever way over this period of remembrance by caring more deeply for each other and the for the world that God made us custodians for.

A Wonderful Evening of Vine & Verse

Dr Chris Wilkinson thanks us for raising £650 for the Organ Fund

Dr Chris Wilkinson thanks us for raising £650 for the Organ Fund

We enjoyed a wonderful evening of laughter and fellowship at the Vine & Verse performance given by the Phoenix Players of Aberdare at St David's on Wednesday 12 October. The poetry and readings were first rate and each player brought their own individual style to their personal selection of works. As well as the fellowship we also enjoyed a wonderful spread of cheeses and finger food. Thank you so much to Elizabeth Martin Jones and her team for organising something completely different for us to enjoy, and congratulations to all who helped raise £650 for the St David's Organ Fund. 

Blessing of Animals Service

We enjoyed a lovely Blessing of Animals Service on the afternoon of Sunday 2 October with lots of friends and dogs and cats, but no horses this year. As you can see, working with children and animals is no problem for Fr Mark, pictured with his dog Calib and apprentice dog trainers Sebastian, Isabella and Sophia Heritage-Eynon. Thank you to everyone who attended and to Elaine Fisher and team for organising things and providing the yummy tea and cakes. (Picture published with family's permission.)

Fr Mark and Calib with Sebastian, Isabella and Sophia Heritage-Eynon

Fr Mark and Calib with Sebastian, Isabella and Sophia Heritage-Eynon

A Wonderful Confirmation Service

Our Confirmation Service with Bishop David at St David's Church on Thursday 22 September was both joyful and uplifting. Nine people were confirmed from four parishes and were supported by family, friends and fellow congregants. The atmosphere for their first communion was very special as the Bishop and five fellow priests celebrated. Thank you so much to all who attended and to our hardworking committee for the wonderful cakes we all enjoyed afterwards.

Paul, Bev, Elizabeth, Bishop David, Vivienne and Alan

Paul, Bev, Elizabeth, Bishop David, Vivienne and Alan

Happy Birthday Peggy!

Very special 94th birthday wishes to Peggy (Margaret) Owen, the Quar's longest serving congregant and the oldest member of St David's Mothers' Union. Peggy has two children, two grandchildren and three great-grandchildren, but still insisted on 49 on the cake! 

Thank you God for the gift of Peggy - always happy and smiling, Peggy reminds us of how we should be each day.

Mothers’ Union back to business!

St David’s Church Mothers’ Union were back to business on Monday afternoon after the August break. Everyone is welcome to attend the meetings at 2pm each Monday at St David’s, with the first Monday of the month (unless a bank holiday) being Corporate Communion.

Here’s the programme for September.

Monday 12 September - Merthyr Tydfil & Caerphilly Deanery Mothers` Union Deanery Eucharist at Llandaff Cathedral at 11.00am. All are invited to attend, please contact us if you require transport.

Monday 19 September – Mrs Pat Evans will be giving a talk about women`s role in the First World War at 2pm in St David’s Community Hall.

Monday 26 September – Mr Gerald Jones MP will be giving a talk with time for questions. Come and meet our MP at 2pm in St David’s Community Hall. It will be an opportunity to bring to his attention issues which concern us as Christians in our community.

For more information please contact us.